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Darfur is a well-known forgotten place in Africa's largest country, Sudan. It is well-known because it was in the news so much and everybody seemed to care, but it is also forgotten because right now all the attention is drawn to the vote of independence of South Sudan.

However, all is not lost. There are organisations who try to make a difference for the refugees and victims of the slaughters in the dry and hardly accessible region. Like the organisation Save Darfur. They use new and modern grassroot-tactics to lobby Congressmembers to keep the topic on the agenda policy makers. For example they made a game where you can play a Darfurian refugee who has to collect water for her camp, like the girl in the picture above. The problem is: whenever they leave their shelter, Janjaweed militias may come any moment by truck or horse to hunt, rape or kill them gruesomely.

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